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This review maybe a helpful replacement of eReader manul for the first use.

Anyhow we recommend you to read the full instruction manual for ONYX BOOX to be able to use all available ebook reader’s features for the most complete reading experience.

Onyx Boox have some outstanding features  setting it apart other ebook reading devices. The main of them are built-in WiFi module with full power internet browser and  sensor screen not affecting main ePaper display.
onyx boox ereader review

   New eReader has attractive appearance. The controlling unit has a shape of ring. Really it consists of two control rings, one-int-the-other and the central OK button. There is also a soft blue lighting indicating battery charging.

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onyx boox 60 gift box
   ONYX BOOX package is stylish. There is another white carton box inside the external black color gift box. Ereader’s screen and device sides are protected with PU pads. All information about the technical features of the ereader is printed on the box. The box includes full set consisting of eBook reader, USB cord, leather case and wall charger ( AC/DC adapter ). All eBook reader accessories are packed into separate PE bags. Reader contains also a quick start instructions. The large picture below shows BOOX reading a Russian language eBook ( it can really read ebooks in all languages ) with indications to the main control buttons and slots of ereader.

ONYX BOOX 60 case ( ereader cover ) is made of high quality artificial leather. It maybe white, dark brown or black color. The ebook reader case provides the main protective functions. Anyhow it will not save the reading device from falling down. The ePaper display is the weakest place of any ereader. It can be broken much easier then any other device as mobile phone or pda with LCD. It is the main reason for ereader to get spoiled so always extra caution should be used while handling your reading device. It is also a good idea to carry it in the case all the time.  Ereader case does not block any technological holes. But when you switch the ereader on/off you should hold BOOX by your other hand to prevent it from going out of the case and falling down. 
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Stylus is tightly loaded into the hole, maybe it is even too difficult to get it out. But from the other hand it is well protected against occasional falling down and lose. SD memory card is loaded deeply and you will have to assist it with your nail or some pen like object. The card should be inserted until you detect the click. WiFi switch situated in the side of the reading device has a large slot but much shorter movement.

There are no sharp angles in the reader. The device can be easily held by one hand. Ereader is made of high quality and pleasant by touch plastic. ONYX BOOX easily transforms itself from the sleep mode to ready-to-use by light pressing OK button. It is a good reason for carrying ereader in leather case in the bag to avoid self-activity. Or you can simply switch it off.

To turn ONYX BOOX on/off you should keep the main switch pressed for 2-3 seconds. After turning off the diode lighting will stop to light.

ereader review-2

When Onyx Boox 60 is switched on, the reading device opens main menu screen. To enter the list of last read books you should use stylus or it can be done by the inner silver color control ring. To resume reading from the last point simply press OK central button and the ereader will open the last read page of the chosen ebook. 

Though all sensor functions are accessible only by stylus and cannot be activated by fingers or pencils ( it is Wacom technology ), all reading process is plain and controlling is limited to pages turning forward and back ( next - previous sides of circle button ). Any other activity demands menu pressing and choosing appropriate action by stylus or silver inner circel control button. 

Ereader buttons are soft and do not demand significant efforts. They are pressed with detectable clicks. The control elements are rather large to be found in “blind” manner  by touch without distracting our attention from the ebook reading.

Neither buttons nor diodes light while reading. OK button is backlighted only when the ereader is being charged. A small diode indicates switching on / off. When the eBook reader is completely charged the OK button backlight begins to blink. 

All marking on  the ereader control units are in English and quite clear : «Menu», «Prev» и «Next», «Back». Central button is marked «ОК». it is used as “enter” analog confirming action. “Back” is cancelation and return to the upper level of menu or quitting the currently read ebook.

Switch on/off, volume level switch, ear pones and USB holes and SD card slot are situated in the bottom edge of the ereader. The stylus is situated in the upper left side of ONYX BOOX reading device.

Ereader display.
onyx boox settings and control 1
General feeling of the screen viewing is that it is really white and high contrast

Onyx Boox is equipped with classical 6 inch size e-ink PVI display. The speciality of this model is application of WACOM sensor screen. Sensor layer is placed beneath the main e-paper VizPlex display. This feature does not spoil the quality of  the ereader’s display. The solution succeeds to combine sensor functionality with high quality of paper like reading. Though it does not allow you to control ereader by finger or pen.

The screen is white, images have good contrast, two modes of screen refreshing - full and partial are available. Really both modes do not delay pages turning and the difference is difficult to be detected by not professional eye.

Drawing quality and working speed are enough fast for the Epson driver and quality of the display used. No features are sacrificed.

Software is quite stable. Any problems can appear only with the really large ( more then 50 MB ) PDF files. We tested it with 100 MB file and when the ereader freezed it was reset and the error did not repeat in the same location.
onyx boox settings and control buttons 1

The only feature which ereader lack we noticed is the absence of vertical line interval adjusting. The pre-installed inter line intervals may seem too large. Hope it would be added with new software versions.

Ereader supports 3 types of ebooks list displaying: by plain list, detailed and with small images. Neither mode shows the ebook covers. You can see only file types. File names are indicated instead of ebook names.

boox 60 review

After returning from the dream mode, ereader comes back to the last read ebook. If the reading device was switched off, it would not open ebook after switching it on again. Main menu of ereader will be opened.

There is a list of previously read books which helps to find ebook faster.

Ebooks can be stored in the internal built-in flash memory ( up to 1000 books ) and as well on the MMC,SD or SDHC card. ONYX BOOX does not summarize the data and shows both lists separately. When you enter you should chose either library or SD card first. Later the source and the way of ebook file is indicated in the left upper corner of the display.

Menu and properties can be entered either by “menu” button orby stylus pressing the smal arrow in the left bottom corner of the display. 

All  ereader settings ressemble computer interface .  In “reading mode” you can change the script, change the script size, change coding and also some service functions and tools as dictionary ( must be downloaded first ) bookmarking and “go to page”. WIth stylus you can go to any page simply by pressing any point in the line indicating reading progress in the bottom of the screen. 
onyx boox screen shot 1

In the lower line of settings you can choose the display refresh mode, turn the screen, switch on the player or simply leave and close. 

While reading you can check how much time it takes you to read current ebook. To do it ou should click the icone with a clock image in the right bottom corner of the ereader display. This icone also hides the current time and date.

ONYX BOOX 60 keeps the charge during a week with WiFi on even if you do not use ereader to read. This time can be increased if you switch off WiFi when you do not use it.

All formats reading has basic formatting features. The chapter head for example is marked with larger script size. Bold or italic scripts are not supported.

While reading  ePub and Mobi some gaps between words were noticed.  In Mobi files hyphenation is not supported by reader.

ONYX BOOX does not open supported format files if they are zipped.

PDF files can be read with Reflow function. Sripts sizes can also be increased.
onyx boox screen shot 2

ONYX BOOX uses full WEB browser. It may be recommended to bookmark frequently used addresses for faster re-entering these sites next times. Browser speed is enough high. Stylus is absolutely necessary for navigation. Animated GIF files are supported.

One of the main feature of Onyx Boox 60 software is that it is constantly developed and several upgrades this year show it well. We hoep that any bugs will be detected and improved soon. All suggestions are completely studied by the developers team. The SKD for ONYX BOOX software has been published and it seems to be open source now. We hope that it will lead to appearance of the new interesting applications which will expand ereading experience of BOOX users.

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